The bruise is a time-efficient stamp. It is generally produced by unconscious oppression or external force and passively presented on the body. This group of works tries to explore how fragile individuals are forced to produce “bruise” stamps under the effect of external forces like the social environment in the contemporary context, and how their gradually anxious spirits actively pursue a balance with the outside world in this process. My works try to present such a state: Unconsciously, the subject is invaded by an unnoticed object, so that the produced bruise gradually becomes an absurd and independent existence of the parent body. In this process, a bruise may become a monument of resistance and be gradually forgotten. The pressure of modern society is complicated and tough. How does it affect soft, juicy, and flexible individuals? And how do individuals respond? In a sense, the bruise is worth commemorating and examining because people generate uncertain ambivalence in face of those stamps, produce relevant vague images, memory, files, and identity, and explore the complexity of ego and a jumpy, distorted world.

The expansion and extraction of the thin film present a breathing-like cycle and balance.
                                                                                           In the process of blowing a bubble, an external force is extruded into the inner space so as to change the subject.

Size: 70cm*90cm
Material: acrylic,bubble gum,lint

In Bible, Jesus says, bread and wine are flesh and blood. The inflated bread is displayed on the desk like a limb or skin. The bubble collapses into a nearly 2D thin film under the effects of time and external forces, and forms a bruise, both independent from and integrated into the noumenon. The bread presents the color of blood against the light. It reminds people of underground magma, a force concealed under the earth’s surface. It is a discussion of how tough environments and flexible bodies interact. The two kinds of materials achieve a subtle balance between opposition and fusion.

2020.    Size: 25*34cm
15*3cm23*28cm 50**32cm
(dimensions variable) Material: flour

2020. Size: 15*30*30cm 15*60*3cm 50*2*32cm
(dimensions variable)             Material: flour,iron


The columnar cylinder block implies a monument; the bubbles made by the air pump break the overall static environment; the red light represents an internal self-healing force projected outward; the floating ice block, conversely, represents an outside-in force. In such a system, heat and cold, inside and outside eventually compromise in a dynamic environment, keeping a subtle balance

2020. Size:40*40*120cm
Material: iron,acrylic,water,ice,
pigment,oxygen pump,light