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p:d (Shuochun Xiang) (b. 1997) is a London-based artist from Jiangsu, China. After graduating from the Xian Academy of Fine Art in traditional Chinese Painting, she now studies MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art.

Integrating her life practice into her artistic practice, her work was involved in a wide range of media, including but not limited to sculpture, moving images, text and performance. p:d tends to choose basic and daily materials, focuses on East Asian social issues from a female perspective and explores themes of alienation and body politics.

In her eyes, the dough is another form of the body; it can be loose, solid, fluid, ecological, and fragmented... By mechanically engaging in the act of kneading, she attempts to explore the disciplining and influencing effects of the Other, represented by mundane trivialities, on the body.

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  • Form 2022/CICA Museum/ Korea
Art for Real/ Boomer Gallery/ UK  
  • everywhere you go/ W1S 4HR/ UK
  • Second Prize of the Second ‘Guoqingbei’ for Art and Design Works in Universities/ China

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