Online public comments sections are dark games between individuals and the collective. The fight for voice, the collapse of the public-private boundary, and the intervention of algorithms and big data of the platform itself, while arousing personal emotional fluctuations, amplifying the influence of personal emotion on other subjects in the public space, thus triggering a phenomenon similar to resonance.
In the contemporary context, comment sections tend to reproduce the classic theory of the public sphere Habermas. However, in fact, individuaL power constantly invades and squeezes the online public space. Commercial
promotion backstage and topics making dislocate personal right of speech and gradually blur the public-private boundary.

2020. Size: 25cm*40cm Material: nylon,pigment
Labels are symbols of definition and discourse Individuals aggregate into a whole because of the same label attributes and then changed into vague numeric symbols through deindividuation.

The insides of the garment and the quilt are turned outside. The local part is disconnected along with the stitch. Then, care labels are sewed into it. Labels are symbols of definition and the voice garment and the quilt are two planes that divide the public sphere and the private sphere. The care labels scattered in the middle seam symbolize the attack and invasion from the inside to the outside Fight for voice has also blurred the boundary between the public and the private.

2020. Size: 70cm*50cm*3  Material: toner,Limax

Lightboxes carrying different components of the Chinese character “抑” (depression) glow behind the shutters were true and false coexist, having an effect on the surroundings. The main bodies of the lightboxes can glow. At the same time, shutters can guide and control the flow of light. This work explores the impact of negative, emotional information on the whole and the control and reactive force of the environment on the individual.

Size: 160*70*65cm (dimensions variable)
Material: aluminum alloy, cotton thread, LED, electric wire, plaster